Sunday, March 1, 2009

Building a New Garden

I worked in the children's garden until it was raining too hard and was feeling chilled. My 4-year-old daughter was out helping me. She picked up weeds and put them in her little bucket.

I shot this photo just before going inside. The brick raised bed was last year's children's garden. It will be removed and the new wooden raised bed will be about 16' long by 4' wide. There will be a walkway around the entire raised bed. This should help the children and I be able to reach the garden plants much easier.

I already started removing limbs off of this large tree that will be coming down. Taking the tree down will give the children's garden a lot more sunlight. The rhododendron will be removed, as well. It doesn't look very healthy. There is another tree to the left of the rhododendron and it casts a lot of shade on it. Part of me is sad to see these two plants go, but I'm excited about what we'll be placing in the space instead.

It's exciting to watch some of the seeds sprout in their little Jiffy pots. All six of our Kid Stuff Sunflower seeds have sprouted, five of our Marigolds have sprouted, two Gaillardia and one Moonwalker Sunflower have sprouted.

We're looking forward to see the changes that occur this week!

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