Friday, March 27, 2009

A Happy Find

I went to Fred Meyer last night in search of bamboo and was happy to find a pre-built bamboo teepee for less than it would have cost to buy 9 bamboo poles! This was truly a very happy find. We have space to plant around 13 of the poles, so, if sunlight is adequate, we should end up with a very lush pole bean teepee for the children to play in.

I love how the teepee is "closed" right now - that will give the plants time to establish before the children start to go inside. We'll place pavers on the floor of the teepee and plant thyme in between the pavers so the inside of the teepee will smell wonderful when the children do begin to play in it. After the plants are established, we'll cut a door into the teepee and the children will have their own little secret garden hideaway.

BTW... when the children saw it last night they were laughing and running around it and dancing. They are so excited about it!

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