Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Plans

Plans have changed. The Pole Bean Tee Pee will now be in the backyard so the children can play in it whenever they wish. The children are not allowed in the front yard unless I am right there with them. We will plant the Tee Pee where the compost bin used to be. On Monday, I moved the compost bin and put it behind the children's shed. It's nice to no longer have to look at the compost bin. It's not the most attractive thing on earth. I’m hoping the late evening shade from the children’s shed won’t affect the growth of the Pole Beans. We’ll see. It’s all a learning experience!

In front, where the tree and rhododendron that we are removing are, we'll plant a butterfly garden. I'm still working on the design for it.

I'll post pictures that I took on Monday as soon as I get them downloaded.

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