Monday, March 16, 2009

One Step at a Time

My oldest son is home sick with a high fever. My youngest son is at preschool and my daughter, who doesn't go to preschool this year, was more than happy to take advantage of her big brother's sick-on-the couch cartoon watching time. So, while they were watching TV, I snuck out to work on the children's garden.

It was drizzling - but the temperature was close to 40° F so I was happy to be in the fresh, clean air. With all the inclement weather, I spent some time weeding and cleaning up tree debris. I love how easy it is to pop the weeds out of the ground when the earth is soaked. Then I tackled moving dirt and laying out the 2nd set of side boards for the raised garden bed. I need the short board laying to the left cut in half to make the end caps. The boards are not level - I'll tackle that after the end caps are cut. We still need to buy 5 more boards so we can get the raised bed the height we want it to be.

I cleared out the rose bed and am trying to decide if I want to extend it into the yard a bit so I can plant the three sisters garden (corn, beans, squash) in the bed. I moved some cottage stone into the bed, because if it is growing vegetables, I would like the bed to be raised. Saying "good-bye" to the last of the roses is no longer a sad thing for me. In our rainy weather, black spot is a nightmare to control, and, quite honestly, I'm done trying to deal with it.

After clearing out the rose bed, I had a hosta I didn't want to get rid of, so I planted it in this pot. I don't know how well it will do in a planter, but right now, I just don't know where I would want to put it. It will be a learning experience for the kids and I to see if it will grow in a container. Maybe the slugs will leave it alone if it's up high (wishful thinking).

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