Sunday, March 15, 2009


On Friday afternoon the weather was beautiful, so I took advantage of it. I finished building the raised bed for the children's pole bean teepee. I mixed a bag of steer manure in with topsoil. I still need to add some compost to it. I took this picture this morning (Sunday). Yep, it snowed again. Thankfully, it turned to rain and washed away.

Friday evening, after the pole bean raised bed was complete, I tackled the rhododendron and tree that needed to come down. Bob helped me cut the larger branches down (sparing the neighbor's fence). It took me until late in the evening to haul the branches across the street so I could toss them over the cliff. That night I was so sore, I could hardly move.

The Sunflowers Kid Stuff continue growing in the garden window. I wonder how big they'll be before it warms up enough to transplant them. What is with this weather this year? We don't normally get snow like we've had this year.

The Lamb's Ear have been growing outside for the past few years. I transplanted them into this pot - it seems that they are hardy enough to deal with the many snows of the season.

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