Monday, April 13, 2009

Building the Raised Beds

The building and installation of the raised beds has proven to be a time-consuming process. For this reason, we are stopping at 4 wooden raised beds for the year. My husband is building them out of untreated 2"x4" wood. They are 8" tall after they are complete. They have long stakes attached to the corners to hold them securely in place.

In order to install them, I dig a deep hole on each corner, level them and fill the corners with soil that has been screened. Since we live on a bed of rocks, whenever we do any work in the yard, we screen rocks as much as possible.

After each bed is installed and leveled, I double-dig it to 12" deep. At first I thought I would double-dig as deep as 24" using the biointensive process, but, not on my land. The deeper I go, the bigger the rocks get and it's just too difficult to dig by hand. As it stands, I would guesstimate that we have dumped at least 5 wheelbarrows full of pure, screened rock over the cliff during the last few weeks.

The process is moving along at a slow, but steady pace. I wish the beds were complete, because I really need to get back to addressing the flooding issue that surrounds our side yard. I have to get the beds finished so I can move that dirt back out of my way before I can begin on the trench that will drain to the rain garden.

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