Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Harvest, Strawberry Bed and More

It's harvest time! Well, not quite, but I did pull this absolutely delicious radish from the garden on May 10. This morning, I pulled two more. The leaves were shading some little seedlings. Wow! As a child, I remember how delicious I thought radishes were, but I quit eating them because I haven't liked them that much as an adult. Now I know why - my mom grew radish in her garden when I was a child. They were GOOD! Store purchased radish are not the same. The three radish I have pulled out of my own garden this year have been so delicious I plan to find every little nook and cranny that I can tuck some more radish seed into.

This is a photo of my tomato plants on May 8. They've grown much taller and are developing flowers. I'm wondering if it is too early for tomatoes to flower here in our Pacific Northwest weather. We will soon find out.

I have been busy working on more beds. As with all my beds, I am double-digging to at least 12". My body just can't take double-digging any deeper than that. The ground gets too rocky and the rocks just get bigger and bigger.

As I fill them back in with native (sandy) soil, I screen all the rocks out. Then I add a little bit of aged steer manure and some compost.

Can you believe ALL of these rocks came out of the strawberry bed? I can no longer count how many wheelbarrows full of rock that we have dumped over the cliff. It is a long and tedious process, one that I hope pays off big-time with a beautiful and thriving garden.

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