Monday, May 18, 2009

Happily Growing Along

On May 14, Ciscoe Morris wrote in his column that it was finally time to plant tomatoes. My hubby just couldn't help but tease me about how I planted way too early. Of course, I couldn't help but run out and snap a photo of these beauties that are already beginning to bud with flowers. They have come so far... now I just hope I can keep them alive until they fruit.

The "field" of corn is coming along. I know that this may not be enough corn to actually get pollination - although that would be nice. My main goal here is to teach the children how corn stalks grow (they planted the seeds) - and to grow a living "pole" for more pole beans.

So far, the summer squash seems happy in its bed.

Viola! Just another pretty face in the crowd.

Our state flower in all its glory. This is such a pretty time of year. I truly enjoy seeing all the plants in our garden happily growing along.

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  1. I just had a chance to read through your blog. You've been doing a lot! It looks like we are similar, getting out there and doing a lot of the heavy work ourselves, but have husbands that help as well. It's great that your kids like to help too! A lot of the fun in the garden for me is teaching my girls about planting seeds or teaching them the names of flowers.
    Your tomatoes look great. I planted mine out about a week ago. Your squash looks much better than my zucchini does.
    I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend! I look forward to following your progress!


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