Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Morning Sun

I went into the garden this morning to take some photographs. Our beautiful weather has been wonderful and I'm excited that it just may continue through the week.

This bearded iris is my absolute favorite flower in my garden.

Up close and personal.

Worshiping the sun.

I love the vibrant colors in my fuchsias this year.

They were a Mother's Day gift from my husband.

Simply stunning!

Our first home, where we lived more than 10 years ago, had beautiful lilac trees all over the lot. They were old trees, and the wood was thick - thick enough to climb on. I was sad to say goodbye to those trees. Of course, a few cuttings had to come with me! Only one cutting survived and this is it. I plan to propagate a few more now that this tree is well established.

The bracts of my Kousa Dogwood are beginning to turn white. Soon, this tree will be graced in its pure white spring attire.

More rhododendrons are blooming.

This pale pink rhododendron is my favorite. The bees must like it too, because they were all over it.

I would love to have a garage that is as beautiful as this!

Every garden needs a statue. I started the petunias from seed. They should be blooming soon.

Ah - my one and only very lonely pea. This was given to me by a friend after my many attempts to start peas from seed failed.

The Kennebec potatoes are out of control - again. Guess I'll be hilling them in today.

The russets must like the weather we are having, too. They are doing well way down in that garbage can.

Do you see what I see? This is one of my summer squash plants.

I know that onions are biennial. I don't know what their flowers look like. This store-bought onion sprouted on me, so of course I couldn't throw it away. I had to plant it.

These first sunflowers are getting big. I have another set that are doing well, but since they were planted later (at the proper planting time for our location) they are much smaller.

Got rock? We do. Too much of it!

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  1. It sure looks great there! I can't believe how tall the sunflowers are already. We just planted them this past weekend. It sure has been great, this weather is making the plants really grow quickly.


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