Friday, May 22, 2009

What's Growing (and What's Not)

I planted beans next to the corn plants today. And... believe it or not, I'm on my 3rd attempt with peas. Yup. My daughter and I planted peas in late May. Why? Because it bugs the living daylights out of me that I couldn't get a single pea to germinate from the first packet I bought - and I found a packet on sale, so I thought I'd see if peas from a 2nd packet would germinate. If anything, it was fun for my daughter to poke the round peas into the ground.

The strawberries didn't seem to make it. I'm not sure what happened there. I planted according to the package directions - and at the time the package said to plant them. I pulled them out and planted them in a large pot and put the pot in the sunniest spot in my yard. Now I'm just going to see what happens. The "strawberry bed" has been converted to an herb garden. If I can't grow strawberries this year, I'll grow herbs. :o)

My Kennebec potato bins went crazy during the recent days of rain. As soon as I saw them, I was rushing to get them filled in again.

My large can of Russet potatoes hasn't been as active. I'm guessing it's because they don't get as much light way down there in the bottom of a large garbage can.

It looks like my bearded iris are about to bloom. They are my favorite flower in my garden. I can't wait to see their beautiful faces.

I'm almost finished installing another raised bed. I double-dug it to 12" like I did with all the other beds. I tell ya - my wrists are getting so tired from digging out the rocks. But, this year, we just didn't have the money to invest in building up and using soil mixes.

Tomorrow I hope to finish filling in the new bed with screened soil so I can begin the process of getting some more of my seedlings out of my house and into their new home.

Last, my tomatoes continue to amaze me. They seem to like their new home on the back patio.

The three early planted tomato plants are flowering. It's fun to see.

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  1. It looks like a lot of things are growing well there. I like the idea for the potatoes. I'm sure ours aren't deep enough, but they were more for fun. Next year I think we might try your idea. The tomatoes do look very happy!


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