Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Good, Bad and Very Ugly

Let's start with the good.

My Kousa Dogwood tree is in full bloom. It always blooms in late spring long after most flowering trees have quit. This tree reminds me that, while it is still spring, summer is almost here.

I love to stand under the canopy of the Kousa Dogwood. The sunlight streaming through the branches casts a beautiful green glow. It is quite peaceful.

Now for the bad... (sigh)

It was one thing to hand pick the cabbage worms off of my 6 broccoli plants when the worms were so tiny that you could barely see them.

I shot the photo above through the magnification lens on this bug box.

Now they are so big it grosses me out to pick them up. Thankfully, I'm not finding as many anymore. Last night I found three. Tonight I found two. I hope I'm almost done with cabbage worms.

And for the very ugly...

I had to pull out 18 beet plants today. I was wondering why the leaves had a white "film" on them. I pulled one plant out to inspect it only to realize that the film was actually the top layer of the leaf. Something had gotten into the leaf and ate the center out. After some internet research - I believe my beets had some serious leaf miner damage. Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone - I had to cut open the leaf to see if I could find the leaf miner. I couldn't.

This post must end on a good note...

The kids and I have enjoyed the sunflowers so much we decided to plant more! Today, my daughter and I planted 24 sunflower 'Moonwalker' and 19 'Lemon Queen' sunflowers. After they are growing, we'll figure out where to put them. Maybe we'll plant them out as "walls" for a fun sunflower room.

Finally - I'll end with today's sunflower photo. I love watching the fringe grow each day around the face of this sunflower 'Kid Stuff'.

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  1. There was good, bad and ugly here for sure. You did end on a wonderful note though!


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