Monday, June 1, 2009

A Little Out of Place and More

Every year, when this rhododendron comes into bloom, I wish it was on our side yard instead of in our back yard. There are no "blue" hues in our back yard and it really looks out of place. Someday I may move it - but I'll admit... the thought of digging it out and transplanting it does not thrill me.

She sure does produce a beautiful round flower head though. And she's the last rhododendron to bloom in our garden.

This sunflower has really taken on some height during the past few very sunny and warm days!

I need to find a home for these Lemon Queen sunflowers - and soon!

Those busy little bees did their job well. We have pollination on our tomato plants!

I don't know that this flower (or the one that opened yesterday) will get pollinated - there are no other flowering summer squash nearby (at least none that I know of).

Our beans in the "three sisters" bed have finally begun to sprout!

It is fun to see the changes that are happening in the garden each day.

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