Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That time of year again...

It is still winter, but this year we are having incredibly warm weather.  Flowers are budding and some are even blooming.  I have been finding these little beauties scattered in the yard.  Even though I tried to collect all the viola seeds last year, it appears a few managed to seed themselves wherever nature wanted them.  Of course, I'll just leave them.  I LOVE violas.  It doesn't bother me one bit to see them scattered in the rocks next to the patio, or wherever.  Hopefully my hubby will leave them alone, too.

I tell ya - even my bird seed has sprouted.  Poor birds!  This feeder was full of sunflower seeds that I had collected from my Lemon Queen sunflowers.  Now I have little plants growing in the feeder.  My husband commented that the feeder must have been the perfect temperature for germination.

My gardening catalogs are starting to arrive.  It is such fun looking through them and dreaming about this year's garden.  I wonder if our last frost will really be as late as it usually is (around Mother's Day).  I think it is time to start planting my early seeds indoors.  I'll have to pull them out of the refrigerator and see what I have and what I need to buy.

Of course, this year I plan to continue gardening my main vegetable beds using the square foot gardening method.  Square foot gardening is so easy!  I have a large side yard that I will put a lot of attention on this spring - I hope to experiment with home scale permaculture in that location.  It will be much prettier for the neighbors to look at.  Taking the leap to home scale permaculture is a bit intimidating, but I'm sure I can figure something out.  I'd like to finish the installation of a rain garden this season, too.  Lofty dreams.  I got a lot done last year, though... I just need to keep plugging away.

I realize I didn't post many of my late season pictures from last summer.  I will try to do that soon.

Happy Gardening!

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