Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Weather

While this photo was taken on January 18, by now, with our typically mild weather, I would have expected to be done with snow.  Yet, today we will again see some snow flakes.  Our area seems to be getting a little bit colder each year.  Our garden zones even changed.  We used to be zoned 8b.  Now we are zoned 7b.

The January 18 snow storm left a lot of storm damage.  The area is still trying to recover from it.  It wasn't the snow that did the damage - but the ice storm that followed the next day after the initial snow fall.

Many trees were lost or damaged in the Jan 19 ice storm.  On our lot, a very large pine tree had a damaging limb broken off.  The limb left a fairly large hole in the trunk of the tree.  We decided to cut the tree down because it is next to power lines.  We didn't want to risk the tree becoming severely diseased and coming down in  a windstorm, taking the cul-de-sac's power source with it.  Getting the tree branches and wood cut up and removed from the lot has been my big project of late.

Our beautiful Kousa Dogwood tree lost a lot of bark in the ice.  I hope the tree doesn't get attacked by canker or borers since the trunk is so naked.  I have painted Tree Seal in the areas that I can reach.  Tree Seal doesn't look pretty, but if it will protect the tree, it will be worth it.

I was very sad that my beautiful Magnolia tree trunk snapped in half.  If it survives, it looks like we will have a Magnolia bush instead of a Magnolia tree.
I tell you - I'm ready for the weather to warm up.  Spring is my favorite season.   I'm looking forward to spending time working in the garden.
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