Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There's a lot going on in the Imagination Garden.  First off... the chicks are growing quickly!  Last night we moved them to a 2.5 'x 4' crate that we had for our old French Brittany, Max, who passed away at the ripe old age of 15 years.  I also built them a short "roost" so they can learn to sit on one.  In the garden, I have cleaned up a lot of weeds, disposed of over 100 slugs, built and planted an asparagus bed, built a stand for a rain barrel, begun work on flower border, and transplanted quite a few seedlings.  There's a lot more to do, but I'm pleased with the progress.

The chicks in their new brooder.  They love all the space.
The cage wire is surrounded by Plexiglas and cardboard
to make it a safe place for them to stay.

The chicks are getting used to their new "roost".  I built it out of 2" x4" wood
so they can lay down and sleep on it.  So far, the Americauna (left) and the
Light Brahma are the only chick we have seen use it.  The Rhode Island
Red doesn't seem to know how to get up there.

The new asparagus raised bed was double-dug to a depth of 12" below
the base of the planter and screened of all the rocks.
The addition of 8" of soil above ground should give the asparagus
ample room to spread it's roots.  The fencing is there
to keep my children from accidentally stepping into it.  The bed is surrounded
by Marigold plants that I started from seed.

This is a new raised bed that I'm putting in for flowers.  I have quite of few
flower seeds started in the greenhouse.  They should be pretty here.  I still
have to level the base stones, and then I will build the bed up with 1 or
2 more rows of stone.
My husband and I built this heavy-duty stand
for our Rain Barrel.  We still have to attach the faucet
and connect it to the downspout.  We used old wood that
had been lying in the yard.  After that wood dries
out well, I'll paint the stand.
We need to hang these lattices on the side of the shed to support the clematis.
There are hundreds of new seedlings growing in the greenhouse now.
The strawberry plants are beginning to bloom.
This rhododendron is always the first to bloom each year.
Our other rhodies are budding out, as well.  Soon, our back fence will
be full of color.
I have begun to frame out the chicken run.  I have (2) 3' x 4' sides cut.
I need my husbands assistance to cut the lattice on a table saw.
The hardware cloth and lattice will be sandwiched between the 2' x 4'
base and 1' x 2' painted board.  We want this coop to protect
our little flock from raccoons, Bald Eagles and hawks.

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