Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tent City

I have my own little tent city of sorts.  The early spring plants are quickly being planted out throughout the gardens and seem to be adapting well to their new homes.  Since I grow organically, I take every measure that I can to ward off the pests that are attracted to the garden.  It's a little more work growing organically, but it is worth it knowing my children don't grow up playing in a yard full of chemicals.

Three of the side yard 4'x4' raised beds have covered wagon-style frames
made out of PVC pipe that enable larger plants, such as broccoli,
to grow unhindered.  I built them a few years ago and they have
held up very well.

The peas and Swiss chard were transplanted yesterday.  They are perking
up despite the fact that they were becoming root bound.

Broccoli happy in their covered home.

Cauliflower looking strong and healthy.

This is my "trap" garden this year.  What is a trap garden?  It is filled with
mustard, broccoli, cauliflower and marigold and is left uncovered
in hopes that the pests will congregate here and leave the covered gardens alone.
As plants become infested, they will be pulled out and burned.

The mustard plants (in the middle) were planted by my three children during
VBS (Vacation Bible School) last summer.  Those plants have been transplanted
a few times throughout the garden and are still growing strong.

The prize of the garden.  My seven-year-old son planted
these beans at school.  He's so proud of them. 
When I was talking to him about the beans yesterday, he emphatically said
"Mom, it's not just a bean - it's a broad bean!"

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